Reflections on 2020, Part One: biases, prejudices, and blind spots.

How COVID19 challenged some biases but not others!

I remember the Johari Window from my early coaching training. We all have blind spots. The challenge is to try and become more self-aware and listen to feedback from others to reveal sub-conscious biases and be able to address them, or at least make them conscious.

There can be individual blind spots and collective blind spots. The bias against online deliberative forums pre-COVID19 was wide and deep, and has not gone away, just been mitigated somewhat.

“face-to-face (f2f) assembly/jury only, online assembly/jury only, or combined f2f & online?”.

In these pre-COVID19 times in which I was publishing, I was actually ridiculed by some of my critics for daring to suggest it was possible to to run citizens’ assemblies or citizens’ juries online. This was despite the fact I’d been designing and facilitating online deliberative forums since 2008!

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