Scott Morrison is a failed leader and failed PM — don’t blame marketing!

Paul Vittles
2 min readJan 3, 2020


There’s broad agreement that Scott Morrison has handled the 2019–2020 bushfires situation very poorly indeed.

However, it’s a slur on the profession of marketing to focus criticism on his ‘marketing credentials’ — with monikers like #ScottyFromMarketing and comments like “we expected better from a marketing man”.

The reality is Scott Morrison had two roles in administration and management of two government tourism agencies — having responsibility for marketing among other portfolios, but hardly a marketing professional — and he left both roles under a cloud.

Regardless of his roles prior to becoming a full-time politician, we should be judging him on his performance as an experienced Minister and Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison’s failures in his approach to the bushfires and the people who have suffered — his lack of empathy, sensitivity, judgement, the human touch — has nothing to do with marketing or PR (skills he also clearly lacks).

Rather it is his failure as a politician, a Prime Minister, a statesman, a leader, and a human being (if we also add his pride in cruelty to asylum seekers in offshore detention).

If he was actually a competent professional marketer, he might have been able to mask some of those deficiencies!

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Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA Dip. Couns. has just re-located back to the UK after living and working in Australia for almost 15 years. He is a marketing professional, and Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (FAMI) as well as being a counsellor who has provided support to people adversely impacted by failed leadership and inhuman practices by those in roles of power and influence.



Paul Vittles

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